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On The Precipice - That Which We Already Know

The closing paragraph of the previous post ended as follows:
The wisdom of our childhood lies somewhere in between the oneness of early infancy and the hardened sense of self that we create after the fall. We don’t think of ourselves as wise at the time, though. Instead, we think of wisdom as something that older people possess – after having lived a long, long time and after having gone to school a long, long time. But it is precisely the absence of belief that she possesses anything at all that makes the wisdom of the child all the more exquisite and profound.
Part I, Chapter 2 – After The Fall (second continuation)
Yes, but where did that child go? At times we speak as if the spirit of the child that we once were has taken leave, perhaps to dwell in an alternative universe somewhere. At other times we speak as if that child is still within us, buried deep beneath the psychic rubble that piles up in the unconscious mind in the course of constructing the adult self. However, both of …