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The Fall - That Which We Already Know

As I stated in my introduction to That Which We Already Know, I’ll be composing a book here on this blog in as close to final form as I can muster. I want to thank everyone who’s been following the project so far. For those who might be new readers I’ll simply state that in the first installment of this chapter I recalled an episode from my childhood in which I headed off with a heavy heart to spend the afternoon in what I would now refer to as meditation. Looking back, I must have realized I was falling – falling from that state of childhood grace that we only seem to recognize once it’s gone. What are we to make of such a fall?

Part I, Chapter 1 – A Child in Eden (first continuation)
The Nursery was my Garden of Eden. Within its ample confines I dwelt for years in a state of childhood grace, neither needing nor wanting for anything that hadn’t already been offered. But just as the first man and woman were cast out of that mythical garden in a fall from grace that we yet ponder to th…

A Child in Eden - That Which We Already Know

Hello everyone. I hope you enjoyed the introduction of That Which We Already Know. I’m presently envisioning a three part book with three chapters in each part. As you will see, remembrances of childhood will become vehicles for the fleshing out of the book’s main thesis. I hope you enjoy this journey through childhood, yours as well as mine. In doing so I hope we will realize together the exquisite nature of that which we already know.

Part I, Chapter 1 - A Child in Eden

We were enjoying one of those periods of autumn weather when the mornings and evenings are crisp and cool and the afternoons are summery warm. Indian Summer is what we used to call such a pleasant string of days, harkening back in some barely understood way to a time when the onset of winter – whether harshly abrupt or blessedly gradual – determined what life in the coming months would be like. Would there be ample time to augment the winter food stores, or must haste be made instead to prepare for deprivation?
I mus…

Introduction - That Which We Already Know

With this post I will be veering in a new direction. I’ve come to realize that writing books and writing blogs and working full time and maintaining a house and relationships makes for a very busy life! How, then, to fit this new inspiration, this new realization of what I need to say, into an already busy existence? Yes, I COULD sell the house! That has definitely crossed my mind. Since I’m not quite ready to do that, however, I’ve decided to combine two of my most valued endeavors. With this post I will begin writing a book – in public, in “real time”, without a net, and in as close to final page order as possible. I hope it will be, for the reader anyway, a little like looking over the shoulder of a painter with easel set up before a great vista. I suspect, however, that it will be at times more like sitting in a backroom watching the making of sausage!
The regular reader will recognize the theme of this book in some of my past writings. In that regard this new direction will be a…