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Spirituality and Religion

In my introductory post I revealed my inspiration for the title of this blog, and while I expect it might have some readers scratching their heads – at least initially, I certainly don’t anticipate it raising anyone’s ire. I’m less sure of that, however, when it comes to my description of this blog as “an exploration of spirituality.” Spirituality is one of those charged words, it seems, loaded with connotations, crying out for precision, begging for clarification as to the user’s point of view. As such, I’ll spend the rest of this post clarifying just what I mean when I use the word.
Perhaps the first order of business is to clearly differentiate spirituality and religion. All too often the two words are used interchangeably. Throughout my posts in this forum, however, I will strive for consistency and specificity in their usage. Here goes: Spirituality is something that we all possess or manifest simply by virtue of being alive in this human form. Religion, on the other hand, is so…

What's in a Name?

Some years ago, with my future entirely up in the air, I loaded my bike and some gear into the back of a rented car and headed west. At the time I had only the sparsest of itineraries and no real time frame to speak of. Yes, I would return the rental car to a certain place on a certain date and, yes, I would then cycle out to the coast before meandering back home. With the exception of those few parameters, however, everything was up in the air. The route that I would take, the challenges and the people that I would meet, the despair and joy and insights that would arise along the way – these were all just aspects of an awesome mystery unfolding moment by moment, and I with it. In my more enlightened moments I’m able to see that all of life is like that, and that realization fills me with great joy. Ah, but in my dark and small-minded moments I manage to forget it all. It’s funny how great truths can so easily be forgotten.
Speaking of great truths… I remember the first time I became…

Vision, Guidelines, Disclaimers, & Copyright

Welcome! Thanks for stopping in and taking a look around. I have absolutely no idea how this blog will be received and what sort of readership it will attract. However, to the extent that I can affect a positive outcome by clearly communicating my vision for it at the outset, I will do so now. Also, I’ve read enough online discussions to know that the comments of a single individual can foul the air for everyone and make meaningful discussion difficult, if not impossible. As such, I am including guidelines for participation in this forum. Finally, I want to start off on the right foot by communicating a couple of disclaimers and letting everyone know in no uncertain terms that my writings and artwork contained herein are protected by copyright.
Vision: My vision is that Crossing Nebraska will provide inspiration and support to all individuals, regardless of religious or spiritual persuasion, as they navigate their unique life path. My vision is that a vibrant community of supportive ind…