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A Notice and a Thank You!

Hello everyone. Thank you very much for reading Crossing Nebraska! I have a message that might be of interest to readers in the European Union. It has come to my attention that E.U. law requires notification regarding the use of cookies by websites and blogs such as this one. As such, you likely saw a banner at the top of the page that looks like this:

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While I can't begin to vouch for everything that goes on involving cookies collected when you read my blog, I can say that it allows me to know how many visitors I've had, from what countries, and from what referring sites. I don't collect any ad revenue or any other revenue from this site. Given that Google is providing me this blog platform for free, on which I post a wealth of content for free, and which is …

Miraculous Births

I have to admit, the story of Jesus’s birth is a really cool story. This past Sunday I saw a modern retelling of it set to the music of the Beatles and I’m sure that I enjoyed it as much as any of the most devout believers in the audience. In the interest of honesty, however, I must also admit that I could never quite believe that the story really unfolded as it is purported it to have unfolded. Sure, the part about the Immaculate Conception had me wondering from a very early age. But even before I knew much about the biological implications of such a feat I had other questions about the storyline. Think about it. God rearranged the heavens so that a star marked the place of birth of his Son – so that everyone would know that the King was born. Wise men witnessed the appearance of that star and had their hearts moved to the point of following it and concluding that, yes, Jesus was a newborn king. But then the story just sort of ends there. Years later we find that Jesus has grown up …

The Ghost of Lost Attention

I’m back in the so-called “real world” after a weeklong meditation retreat at Sanshin Zen Temple. And what would sesshin be without at least a poem to show for it! {smile} Clearly this particular one was inspired by my having slept in a tent on the temple grounds all week long – something that made this particular rohatsu sesshin of a decidedly different quality than all of the others that I’ve sat. In addition to the obvious Zen influence, you might also see the influence of a beautiful quote by Catherine of Siena that I stumbled across not too long ago: “Every step of the way to heaven is heaven.” I love this quote for its obvious grasp, albeit from a Christian perspective, of the non-dual nature of reality – something that is without question when considering the Buddhist concept of shunyata, or emptiness. Also present is the influence of the Quaker propensity for speaking of “that of God in everyone.” I hope you enjoy the poem!

The Ghost of Lost Attention
If I were a ghost I’d tak…