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A Sangre de Cristo Surrender

A friend and I were driving from Colorado Springs down to Santa Fe yesterday. The following poem virtually leapt onto the page of my notebook as we skirted the Sangre de Cristo range of the Rocky Mountains. I present it here in pretty much first-draft form.

A Sangre de Cristo Surrender Dying slowly, and comfortably, must be similar to this... Dying joyfully, and wholeheartedly, must be just a little bit like this... Like looking out at mountains rooted deep within your heart, and watching clouds billow like the warm breath of a billion prayers offered up to heaven. Like dancing with so many antelope across an endless field, and sinking like snowmelt deeper and deeper into the earth. You know me well. You know what words we've had. But good and bad are now so very far away. Everything is like a smile growing wider, and brighter, until it fuses with sun. Thank you for reading! The editing of That Which We Already Know is going well. Peace. Mark Copyright 2015 by Mark R. Frank