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Power - A Postscript

Yes, this series has drawn to a close. The fracturing of the Missouri Zen Center community is complete. Osamu Rosan Yoshida has fought back the barbarian hordes and sits safe atop the throne-seat of his zabuton, to be joined by the faithful and the indifferent. The rest have scurried away, to sit zazen in silence wherever they might find it.
What a bizarre and unfathomable tale this has been – almost surreal! Would anyone else happen to have the refrain from that classic song echoing in their head?
Sometimes the lights are shining on me,
Other times I can barely see.
Lately it occurs to me…
What a long, strange trip it’s been.
– the Grateful Dead, Truckin'
Yes, and sometimes things happen that are just so bizarre and unfathomable that the only “logical” thing to do is smash an ice cream cone into your forehead, as does the Ice Cream Kid on the artwork of the band’s Europe '72 release. Wouldn’t that feel really good about now? 

Come to think of it, smashing an ice cream cone i…

Power and its Abuse in a Zen Community

From 8/19/2013 to 8/27/2013, I published a series of posts that I've collected here under one title. I've smoothed out the transitions between installments,  removed any subsequently obsolete links, and made some minor editorial revisions. Otherwise, the following true account of events that occurred at the Missouri Zen Center under the leadership of Rosan Osamu Yoshida in the preceding months and years remains the same as when it was first published, without any material revisions, additions, or deletions. Of course, this makes for an exceedingly long post, and the reader must be fairly dedicated in order to make it through to the end. In part, this is my intention. In their previous form as free-standing posts, it was too easy to read only bits and pieces of the complete collection of posts, thereby doing an injustice to the entirety of the story. In its present form, this post may attract fewer readers, but those who do read on will receive a more accurate picture of how an…