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Winter is a time of transition for me. Last year at about this time I came up with a book idea that quickly took the form of a fairly robust outline. In addition to envisioning its three parts, nine chapters, prologue, and epilogue, I also envisioned writing it here on Crossing Nebraska, blog post by blog post – in as close to sequential order and final form as I could get.

Of course, I'm speaking of That Which We Already Know, the introduction of which was posted on April 4, 2014. The beginning of Chapter 9, the 29th installment, was just posted yesterday, February 18, 2015. I’ve had a great time with this project so far, and I do hope you've enjoyed reading it. However, I now realize that I’m at a crossroads.

I don’t want to leave any interested readers hanging, so I’ll just tell you what’s yet to come. Chapter 9 will focus on meditation – an activity that allows us to manifest that which we already know in a fairly structured and intentional way. I also want to tie up loose ends and draw connections with earlier material along the way. The epilogue will then serve as a final wrap-up. In order to move forward, however, I have to go back and edit and have fresh within my mind everything that I’ve posted up until now. This part of the process will take a month or so.

Thus, I’m going to have to sign off for a time. When I return, the buds will be popping, a warm sun will be shining on our cheeks, and I hope to be able to speak of plans to get published copies of That Which We Already Know into the hands of anyone who would like to read the finished product. I’m excited! In the meantime, interested readers may check out what I’ve posted so far by looking for posts with the tag “That Which…” attached to them – all 29 of them, not counting this one!

Wishing you a safe, contented, and contemplative close to this winter season!

                                                            Thank you,

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