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If 6 Was 4 - The Killing of Michael Brown

White collared conservative flashing down the street, Pointing their plastic finger at me, They're hoping soon my kind will drop and die…                - Jimi Hendrix, If 6 Was 9
By now you surely know that on this past August 9, an unarmed black teenager by the name of Michael Brown, and a white Ferguson, Missouri police officer by the name of Darren Wilson were involved in a brief interaction that ended with Brown dead in the street with six bullet wounds. Some are calling it cold-blooded murder. Others are calling it justifiable based on the allegation that Brown assaulted Wilson. Still others are withholding judgment until after a jury verdict is reached (if indeed charges are ever filed) or until something more convincing comes to light than the varying reports and accounts that have circulated in the media thus far.

With everything so politicized and polarized these days, it seems that you can tell a lot about someone’s stance on a whole host of issues simply by knowing where …

Acceptance - That Which We Already Know

Over the course of my writing and editing this post, Michael Brown was killed in an altercation with a Ferguson, Missouri police officer. Ferguson is not too far from where I grew up and presently work. No matter what we might think of how and why this tragedy occurred, the fact that it did occur, and all that has ensued, can't help but give a reflective person pause. I am grateful for having grown up in a peaceful enough place that I was and am allowed to reflect, as I do in this blog, upon that which is most central to human experience. I wish for every child to grow up in such a place.

Chapter 4 (continued) – Acceptance
I’d just turned four shortly before construction began. While there had almost certainly been some scuttlebutt in the preceding months regarding the upcoming addition to our little avenue, in my memory it was an event that descended upon us out of the blue. Where once an unassuming parcel of land sat vacant across the street, suddenly a rectangular hole reached …

We Have A Place (cont.) - That Which We Already Know

Chapter 4 – We Have A Place (continued)
The suburban neighborhood that I live in has fairly robust populations of the usual squirrels, rabbits and birds. Add to that short list all the voles and moles, possums and raccoons, field mice and owls, toads and snakes and insects that at least make an appearance from time, and we have quite an inventory of fauna. Interestingly, though, despite our living in such close proximity, it’s actually quite seldom that I get to know any particular animal. Each robin or sparrow that visits the birdbath on any given day looks and acts pretty much the same as every other robin or sparrow. They don’t have much personality in that regard. They rarely display their individuality.
Occasionally, however, I do get to know a particular animal, and through that relationship, fleeting though it may be, I’m afforded a unique view of what it’s like to live entirely in the natural world. For instance, there was once a mockingbird that perched in the apple tree outs…