Vision, Guidelines, Disclaimers, & Copyright

Welcome! Thanks for stopping in and taking a look around. I have absolutely no idea how this blog will be received and what sort of readership it will attract. However, to the extent that I can affect a positive outcome by clearly communicating my vision for it at the outset, I will do so now. Also, I’ve read enough online discussions to know that the comments of a single individual can foul the air for everyone and make meaningful discussion difficult, if not impossible. As such, I am including guidelines for participation in this forum. Finally, I want to start off on the right foot by communicating a couple of disclaimers and letting everyone know in no uncertain terms that my writings and artwork contained herein are protected by copyright.

My vision is that Crossing Nebraska will provide inspiration and support to all individuals, regardless of religious or spiritual persuasion, as they navigate their unique life path. My vision is that a vibrant community of supportive individuals will visit this site regularly in order to share thoughts and experiences, and offer encouragement to others.

Discussion Guidelines:
Crossing Nebraska will not steer clear of difficult subject matter. Emotional states such as grief, anxiety, depression, and disillusionment will share space with those of joy, compassion, positive intention, expansiveness, and transcendence. Given that the subject matter explored in Crossing Nebraska might be helpful to people during those times when they might be most vulnerable, I intend to be especially vigilant for comments that might be harmful or disruptive or might otherwise be in conflict with my vision for this blog. Above all, I want this to be a safe environment in which to share. Therefore:

  1. While comments regarding your own spiritual beliefs, practices, and experience will be welcome, comments critical of another’s beliefs, practices, and experience will not.
  2. While comments calling attention to related books, blogs, websites, and resources that might be helpful or inspirational will be welcome, comments that merely serve to market a product or service or call attention to oneself will not.
  3. While comments appropriately elucidating, describing, or extolling the benefits of your particular spiritual tradition as you experience it will be welcome, comments that veer into the realm of preaching and/or proselytizing will not.
  4. It will be more obvious at some times than others that I am a Buddhist practitioner writing about Buddhist practice. To the extent that you think my posts are in conflict with my very own guideline number 3, I must remind you that this is my blog. {smile} If my posts inspire in you the desire to tirelessly write a countervailing viewpoint to everything I have to say, then I will be compelled to cordially invite you to start your own blog. {smile}
It is my hope that you find this forum helpful as you come to terms with many difficult life issues, events, and circumstances. Please understand, however, that reading and participating in discussion in this forum does not constitute a counseling relationship between you and me, or you and any other discussion participant. To the extent that you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by events in your life, I strongly encourage you to seek out a professional (doctor, counselor, member of the clergy, etc.) with whom you can speak face to face.

All writings and images and graphic artwork that I post on this blog are my own property and I hold copyright to them unless I specifically state otherwise. You may quote passages from my writings contained herein as long as proper attribution is made in the form of a citation of the author (me) accompanied by either the publication of the web address to this blog or an actual hyperlink to this blog. You may not reprint, retransmit, or republish entire posts from this blog without my express permission. You may not reprint, retransmit, or republish individual poems or images or works of graphic art that appear on this blog without my express permission. Any writings and images and works of graphic art that originate from you remain your own property.

Okay. Thank you again. Let the journey begin!


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